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Adrien Cunin's homepage

Welcome to my homepage :-)

My name is Adrien Cunin (Adri2000 on the Internet).


French guy working in IT and free software enthusiast.

CV: French / English.

Free software

I am officially an Ubuntu developer (MOTU) since 2007. My Launchpad personal page has more details.
I contribute to Debian by maintaining a few packages.
Finally, I am also very interested in the OpenStack project, with which I work. I participate in the community in different ways (contributing a few patches, attending events like Summits, co-presenting workshops at Capitole du Libre or organizing the French community with others).

Contact information

Technical stuff

This website and quite a few other services are hosted on two boxes that I manage. Everything is based on free software.

In case you'd need to give me SSH access to some machine, my public key is available here.

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